Consulting and Seminars


Sometimes you need something different other to find a plan of coverage for yourself or your company.  Insurance Benefit Consulting, LLC is please to help you with your projects or analytical analyses:  Some examples:

  • Creating an unbiased apples-to-apples comparison of several very different type large group plans;
  • Designing Open Enrollment presentations;
  • Creating and making a presentation to an executive group or Board of Directors on a specific insurance benefit topic;
  • Providing an unbaised view of alternatives and options or doing in-depth research on a specific topic.

Please contact us at, click on the "Contact Us" link or phone 317-353-3700.


IBC, LLC performs regular presentations on "Walking Through the Medicare Maze" to school districts, church groups and professional associations.  These unbiased educational seminars cover the key points of Original Medicare and the related Medicare plan choices at a high level for those who are preparing to enter the Medicare realm or just need to know more about the subject.

If you are interested in hosting a seminar for your group or association, in many cases the presentation can be provided at no charge.  Please email us at, click on the "Contact Us" link, or call 317-353-3700 for details.